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Alright people, it isn’t to be unkind but the recent comments urge me to answer about this. I know that it certainly won’t be the last time that I will see these but whatever…

I’d like to talk about the “this character reminds me of” comments. I got buuuuunch of them recently, and I’d like a serious talk about it. I know that most people commenting this way are not trying to bother me (or other artists) but there’s nothing more frustrating that somebody who looks at your work and manages to find all similarities with existing characters in mangas or movies, etc. (that I don’t even know for the most of them moreover) and need to rant about it. Seriously, how that can be interesting or matter? I mean that it isn’t even constructive, it’s only coming out from nowhere to make the comparison and doesn’t even give a point for the artist to improve the design or anything.

And most importantly, the fact is that you will ALWAYS find something similar with the “official” stuff and I think that, with all what we can find on the internet for example, most concepts, designs, etc. will remind you of something. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was inspired by it. To be honest I even think that I’ve seen even more similarities between anime characters themselves than between OCs and “official” characters. (I'm not talking about art thieves, copycats and similar things because they take directly from other people without crediting them etc., it’s another kind of matter. Here I’m talking between “officials” and OCs.)

Then this is it, I’m very sorry but from now on, I will just hide these kinds of comments. I accept the criticism but not the pointless list of "similarities" with other characters or just the fact that it reminds you of something. If you want to tell me about how my (or others) characters look like “thing” or “thingy”, please take the time to give a constructive comment for the artists (not just point out all the similarities and fly away). Instead of your character has *color* hair and *color* eyes, it looks like *this character*  you could say Your character remind me of *this character*, maybe you should make the hair a bit shorter, or use *this color* for outfit/eyes/etc. and it would make the difference. (See? Something of the kind, without being mean at all, and it doesn't cost much more time to write).

You aren’t forced to, of course, but then keep it for yourself please. I’m sure that both sides would find their interests in a constructive talk though, and what a nice occasion to socialize as well!

Anyway, see ya everyone, take care. :heart:

P.S.: Please no hateful comments, if you want to talk about my point of view you can do it peacefully, thank you. :)


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Well yeah this was ment to show someone's inner dark fear
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